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Companies with APIs that are included in this Language APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

AlchemyAPI The product of over 50 person years of engineering effort, AlchemyAPI is a text mining platform providing the most comprehensive set of semantic analysis capabilities in the natural language processing field. Used over 3 billion times every month, AlchemyAPI enables customers to perform large-scale social media monitoring, target advertisements more effectively, track influencers and sentiment within the media, automate content aggregation and recommendation, make more accurate stock trading decisions, enhance business and government intelligence systems, and create smarter applications and services. (Content,Content Analysis,Language,My API Stack,Scraping,Semantic Analysis)
Alchemy Language Detection API
crowdin Crowdin is a complete solution to make your website or software universally accessible through translation. Advanced online editor helps translators to work faster and more efficiently. (API-Stack,Collaboration,Language,Translation,Translation-Stack)
Get Localization Get Localization is a Software Localization Platform for Developers. It brings Developers and Translators together to create applications everyone can understand. The translators can be professionals or members of your user community, you can decide what is best for your product. App localization is a nightmare without a proper management system. With Get Localization workspaces you can manage the translation project during the development without a hassle with files, different versions and broken syntax. You can create a public or private collaborative translation workspace for your app or website and invite translators and rest of the team to join the project. Workspace improves the communication between the translators, developers and QA team as everything is happening in one place. (Crowdsource,Crowdsourcing,Human,Language,Social,Translation)
Google With Google Translate, you can dynamically translate text between thousands of language pairs. The Google Translate API lets websites and programs integrate with Google Translate programmatically. Google Translate API is available as a paid service. See the Pricing and FAQ pages for details. (Advertising,API Deployment Cloud,API LIfeycle,Audio,Compute,Database,Definitions,Deployment,DNS,Images-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,Language,Mapping,My API Stack,Orange-Report-Transportation,PaaS,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Photo-Stack,Platform-Stack,Real Time,Search,Social,Speech,Spreadsheets,Task-Stack,Transit,Translation-Stack,Utility-Stack,Website-Stack)
Idilia Idilia brings artificial intelligence to the cloud for the developer community. Idiliau0026rsquo;s core technology analyzes text (including social media streams and queries) and determines the meanings of words in context, including both common words and proper nouns. This core technology, a major breakthrough in AI, is the most accurate in the world. Third party application developers can now leverage three core components through REST APIs. (API-Stack,Content-Stack,Disambiguation,Extraction,Language,Semantic,Sense,Text)
Idilia Sense Analytics
KantanMT.com KantanMT provides a sophisticated and powerful Machine Translation solution in an easy-to-use package. Our users do not need any technical skills or IT support and there are no special hardware or software requirements. Members can logon and build customized Machine Translation engines immediately on the KantanMT.com platform. (Language,Project Management,Viewer)
Language Detection API This is a language detection webservice. It accepts text and produces result with detected language code and score. (Language)
LanguageTool This is a wiki for developers and users of LanguageTool, an Open Source style and grammar checker. Please contact us on our forum if you want to edit any of the pages to share tricks or other knowledge. (Grammar,Language,Proofreading,Spelling)
myGengo Human Translation Gengo provides fast, affordable and quality translations by native speakers located worldwide. Order content to be translated via our website or API. Our certified translators get to work within minutes, using our innovative online tools. With translators located all around the world, and over 35 languages currently available, turnaround times are consistent no matter when you place your order. (CMS,Human,Language,Localization,Translation)
Pro Writing Aid Our software helps turn your good writing into great writing. Improve readability and eliminate errors. Our users consistently report improvements in their writing as ProWritingAid allows them to see and eliminate their own bad habits and common mistakes. (Analysis,Grammar,Language,Spelling,Writing)
Sprawk Takes a piece of text and detects the language it is written (Dictionary,Language,Translation)
Straker Translations Straker Translations is revolutionizing the translation industry by offering fast, efficient and cost effective translations with their unique pay-per-hour translation model, it enables clients to significantly reduce their ongoing translation costs as well as simplifying the translation process. (API-Stack,Content-Stack,Human-translation,Language,Translation,Translation-Stack)
Straker Translation
Wolfram|Alpha Wolfram Research is building a computational knowledge engine called Wolfram|Alpha for the web to be launched in May 2009. The product will contain data in various fields including physical sciences, technology, geography, weather, cooking, business, music, etc. in order to provide answers to questions that users input. Its language interface will accommodate variations in how users frame their questions, such as the use of abbreviations. Wolfram Alphau0026rsquo;s vision is to create a system which can do for formal knowledge (heuristics, algorithms, rules, methods, theorems, etc.) what search engines like Google have done for informal knowledge, such as text and documents. (API-Stack,Artificial Intelligence,Business Intelligence,Language,Linguistics,Machine-Learning-Stack,Mathematics,Mathmatical,Search,Semantic)